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How to automate finance for today and tomorrow

On-demand webinar

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About the webinar

Finance automation isn't new, but many organisations are still struggling with manual processes.

Why is this happening?

Because while the tools might be available, a lot of businesses don't know where to start, how to overcome internal resistance, and why automation is good for both business and people.

Join our webinar to hear the top findings from our new report based on survey responses from 500+ CFOs: 'Automating Finance: Wins, challenges, and what's next', as well as expert insights from our panel of senior finance professionals.

Important topics the webinar panel will cover:

  • What a successful finance automation project looks like
  • Tips for overcoming internal resistance - from staff and the C-suite
  • How to ensure financial automation increases work satisfaction and happiness

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Meet the panelists
Caitlin McGowan

Caitlin McGowan

CFO for Global Operations, High Rock Accounting (HRA)

Caitlin is committed to creating a truly human-centric work environment and redefining what it means to be an accountant.

David Watkins

David Watkins CA

Chief Financial Officer, JCDECAUX Australia & New Zealand

Dave has overall responsibility for the local JCDecaux strategy across the finance and technology functions.

Tyler Caskey CA

Tyler Caskey CA

Partner, TheBeanCounters

Tyler specialises in helping businesses optimise and automate their finance functions, systems, and reporting. 

Rob Brint

Rob Brint CA

Principal, Outsource CFO

Rob provides virtual CFO services to small and medium sized businesses after his many years of experience working as a Financial Controller and CFO.


Shandel McAuliffe

Shandel McAuliffe

Report Author, DiviPay

Shandel looks after content for DiviPay. She's previously worked in banking and HR, and she's passionate about people and process efficiency.

Cale Bulgin

Cale Bulgin

Panel Moderator, DiviPay

Cale joined the team at DiviPay to help with their GTM initiatives. Previously he worked at a leading accounting software firm and as a public practice accountant. 

Automating Finance: Wins, challenges, and what's next

Included content:

Automating Finance: Wins, challenges, and what's next 

Learn from 500+ CFOs from across the globe on what their strategies and priorities are on automation.