Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a cost to nominate?
No, nominating is completely free and you can nominate as many people as you want.

Can I nominate more than once? 
Yes, you can nominate as many individuals or teams as you like, but only once per category.

Can I nominate myself? 
Absolutely, yes. Each nomination will be judged impartially by our panel. So don’t leave it up to chance and be your biggest cheerleader.

Do my employee numbers include casuals and contractors? 
Yes. You should include them.

Will the details of my entry be shown to others?
No. All submissions are fully confidential and will only be seen by our judging panel.

When will the winners be announced? 
Finalists will be notified on 15 November, and winners will be announced at our awards ceremony on 30 November 2022.